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Kelvinator fridge customer care number | kelvinator complaints

Kelvinator  customer care number


Here You get all the information regarding the Kelvinator from the customer care number of Kelvinator to social media profile of Kelvinator from Kelvinator play store app to Kelvinator corporate office.
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Kelvinator  customer care toll free number
Kelvinator fridge service center number

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Kelvinator  Customer care number 

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Kelvinator  customer care email id

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Kelvinator  officesKelvinator  Register Office address

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kelvinator   locator service centre 


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Kelvinator  faq 


About   Kelvinator

Type  of company                                                      Division
Headquarters of  Kelvinator                                      Detroit, Michigan, United States, 
Founded in                                                                 1914                                                                    

Founder of Kelvinator                                                Nathaniel B. Wales     
CEO of Kelvinator                                                     Rajeev Karwal

Tagline of Kelvinator                                                " Coolest one"
Logo of Kelvinator                                                               

From Wikipedia

Kelvinator was a home appliance manufacturer that is now a brand name owned by Electrolux. It takes its name from William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, who developed the concept of absolute zero and for whom the Kelvin temperature scale is named. The name was thought appropriate for a company that manufactured ice-boxes and domestic refrigerators.

kelvinator  product and services

Commercial refrigeration for food service applications

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